Pole Barn Kits

A pole barn is a great first DIY project for its simplicity and flexibility. There a few steps to construct your own and the good news is that they’re quick to put up! They can be bought in ready-made kits, delivered, and built for you, or you can use your own timber and materials for a cheaper and more customizable experience. In this article we will discuss what materials are necessary to make a pole barn, how much they will cost, and some pros and cons of functional choices.

Plan your Pole Barn

The first step is to plan out the purpose of your pole barn and where you will put it. This will determine the size and what materials you will need. Types of materials used to make pole barns are usually:

* Wood: 2 inch thick building lumber for the framePole Barn Blue Prints

* Plywood, particle board, or stock for siding

* Galvanized, corrugated tin for the roof

* Trusses to support the roof

* Windows

* Poles (and gravel to anchor them)

Unfortunately nothing is free, so we will focus on the inexpensive yet most effective means of construction. The building lumber is usually cheapest for the frame although you can go higher, but the lumber will do the job just fine. Many times you can recycle parts like the particle board pieces or the corrugated pieces for the roof. You can do shingles for the roof as well, but that would be more expensive. Here is a list of the materials with some general prices:

* Lumber: $2500

* Metal siding: $3000

* Roof: $3000

* Trusses: $1000

* Windows: $2000

* Poles: $1000

These are just estimates but you can make your own pole barn cheaper or more expensive depending on your needs. One point of contention for pole barn builders is the floor. Although the base absolutely must be level and flat, you can choose if you want it to be a cement base or a dirt floor. There are pros and cons to each choice.

Pole Barn Floor Type

When looking at a cement floor the greatest consideration is the price. Depending on how big your space is the floor can  Pole Barn Floors  range from $8000 to $2000 dollars, but there are some nice pros:

* Lasts a long time

* Looks nice

* Even, clean floor

* Easier to work on

* Not subject to the elements

* Easy maintenance

A cement floor can simply be poured on a nice even base and provide your pole barn with a clean and smooth work space. Hopefully you will never have to replace your floor if it is maintained properly. Steps for proper management are:

* Vapor barrier before laying concrete

* Treatment with a special top wax

* Microtoppings to help with small cracks throughout the years

* Cleanliness

* Use mats in high-traffic areas to reduce wear and tear

When considering the dirt floor the biggest pro is that it’s incredibly cheap. The best steps to maintaining your dirt floor are:

* Remove top soil and replace with gravel

* Add a layer of straw for insulation

* Fill and dry all cracks

* Make sure the floor is higher up than the surrounding barriers so what flows out, not in

* Add water-proof sealant

* Put cut shingles, gravel, or other like-materials to keep your floor from getting muddy on the surface

The work that goes into managing a dirt floor is much more hands-on and will need to be touched up every year. However the pricing is much closer to the average budget and will not exceed $1000 with correct planning.

Planning on when and how to erect your pole barn is important, but be sure to invite some friends. If the barn is small it can be done by one person alone. However if you want to share the job and get it finished fast it will only take a few days and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Here is the list of building tools you will need to construct your pole barn:

1. Digging equipment

2. Hand sawPole Barn Construction

3. Electric drill

4. Carpenter’s level

5. Hammer

6. Rake or hoe (optional)

7. Nails

Your final option is to buy the pre-made kits offered throughout the country for a range of prices. Depending on which company you go through the kits may lack customizability and style but it will be one lump price and will include everything you need. Prices will vary depending if you choose a metal roof or a shingle roof. It will also go up depending on how many windows you want and of course, the size of the building. These pre-made kits will include free delivery most times but you will also have to pay for labor. The price range is from $4000 to $25000.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to first decide the purpose of your pole barn. Choose a flooring option and prepare a budget accordingly. Remember: nothing is free, but your pole barn can be inexpensive and effective with the right materials.

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